Mariner Log

September 4, 2020

Limited In Person Instruction

Murnin will begin providing limited in-person instruction beginning on Sept. 8 after Labor Day based on the directions given by NISD. NISD is using a methodical and tiered approach to bringing students safely back into schools. The plan will allow for students who are most academically in-need to return first and in small, controlled numbers. Please go to to read about NISD’s Public Health Transition Plan.

We have called the parents of the students who are in the first tiered group to be brought back to school for in-person learning. If you did not get a phone call, then your child(ren) are not in the Tier 1 group at this time.

The district has communicated that there is no anticipated timeline or schedule for when groups will be allowed to return to in-person instruction as it is dependent on health conditions. NISD will continue to monitor conditions on a regular basis and decisions on which students will be brought back for in-person instruction will be communicated to principals who will then communicate with the parents. I know that the parents who choose in-person for their child(ren) are excited for their return to school; however, I continue to need your patience and understanding that the district is guiding me on which groups of students to bring back and when. The district is choosing to go slow in this process to ensure everyone’s well being. Each campus will be notifying families when their child is due to return to In-Person learning. As a general guide, families will have about two weeks notice prior to returning.

Reminder: The families who choose virtual learning will need to stay with that selection for the first quarter of school (until October 16) before having the option of transitioning to in-person learning.

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PTA Meeting~September 8 at 5:30 p.m.

Hi Murnin Mariners! We hope you and your students are off to a great start this school year! We wanted to invite all of our paid PTA members to join us for our virtual Membership Meeting on Tuesday, September 8th @ 530pm. If you have not joined PTA yet please do so at

To request the Meeting ID and Password for the meeting please email

Thank you for your continued support.


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