People Forward

FIS HR Leadership Team meet, February 19-20, Orlando

Looking forward to seeing you all!

This note outlines the objectives, high level design and outputs for the HR meet we will be holding after the Leadership summit in Orlando. It also includes pre-work we are asking you to do before the meet takes place.

Overall session objectives:

Thank you first of all for all your candid and informative inputs for this meeting. These have been collated into high level objectives for our day (plus dinner!) together:

  • To share and celebrate successes in 2013 and network with colleagues
  • To bring the team together and create a shared context / understanding of way forward in 2014
  • Understand current challenges and what our quick wins are this year
  • To define our brand and what we want to be known for

Got any other burning ones you think we should cover? Email me and let me know!

High level agenda

Dinner: Wed 19th Feb evening

Departure: Thursday 20th Feb 4pm

Key outputs:

We know that we only have a short time together as a team, but feel the agenda we have put together will give us some critical outputs that will help us going into 2014:

  • Create a sense of “team” through sharing successes and different activities designed throughout session
  • Understand what the challenges are, where the overlaps are and this output should link into the 2014 HR strategy / vision as well as inform what projects are being run

Pre-work – action requested:

We know you are all busy.... very busy.... but we are keen for you to spend some time before the meet thinking about some key questions we will be referring to during our time together.

Please have a think about the below questions and come prepared to speak to the following topics:

Looking back to 2013

  • What projects did you work on in 2013?
  • What were your key achievements – what are you most proud of?
  • What / who inspired you the most in 2013?

Current HR challenges
  • What are the things that keep your business leaders up at night and how does that impact your HR scope?
  • What scares/inspires you most about the changing world of work?
  • If there was one challenge that you feel is stopping you from performing, what would it be?

That's it.... for now!

Hope this has piqued your interest and gives you a good idea of what we will be aiming to cover in our time together. Once more, we are looking forward to connecting with you all.

Mike, Steve, Pete and Isabel