Facts and Opinions About Plants!

BY: The Plant Belivers


The leaves of the monocot have earthier three petals or mutples of three. The vascular tube structures are usually scattered through the stems.

EXAMPLES ARE: Grass,corn, and rie


The leaves are usually wide with branching vines. the vascular tube structures are arranged in circular bundles.

EXAMPLES ARE: Roses,dandelions, and maple.


Vascular plants have tube-like structures that provide support and help circulate water and food throughout the plant.

Xylem- The transport of water and minerals from the roots to the rest of the plant.

EXAMPLES ARE: Trees gusses,dandlions


These must obtain nutrients directly from the environment and distribute it from cell to cell. This usually results in these plants being very small size.

EXAMPLES ARE: Mosses,liverworts.


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