Roman Newspaper

By: Becca Chamoun


Come down and explore the Apennines!! It runs the length of the Italian Peninsula so you can get plenty of exercise. The rough land makes a little bit of a challenge. Be on the lookout for the volcanic volcanoes(Mt.Vesuvius). Hiking the mountain can be a great family fun activity.
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Patricians and Plebeians

I'm a Patrician, and I firmly believe that the other Plebeians are not being treated fairly. Even though we are government officials we are not good ones. I don't think it's fair that the Plebeians don't have a say in the government. They are part of the Roman society they should have the same rights as everyone else.

VOTE!! Atticus Finch for Senate

Come on down and vote for Atticus Finch for Senate. He's a great listener and he'll represent you to the magistrates. He'll listen to everyone and take everyone's comments, concerns ,and questions into consideration. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime chance literally the Senate serves for life.

Obituary of Julius Caesar

He was a great general and his soldiers respected him greatly because he treated them well. He made a partnership with Pompey and Crassus. He took over most of Gaul. When he tried to get more popular the Senate tried to limit his power, but that didn't work. Then he declared himself dictator for life. Some of his friends thought that he got too powerful so they murdered him. Julius Caesar's people liked him so much that after he died they started a civil war.
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Interview with Marcus Aurelius (Pax Romana)

I=interviewer M=marcus

I-What were you known as when you ruled?

M-I was known as The Philosopher.

I-Is it true that Antoninus Pius had you as an associate in the government?


I-Did you ever share the throne with anyone else?

M-Yes, I did with my adopted brother Lucius Verus.

I-Is it true that you were the last of the 5 Good Emperors?


I-What did you labor for?

M-I labored for the welfare of my people.

I-Did you support christianity?

M-At first no,I actually persecuted some in 177 A.D., but in the later years of my reign I became more tolerant to them. I never supported them though.

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Aqueducts (major accomplishment)

Arches are a big part of Roman architecture. Aqueducts are big arches that carry water into the city. You have running water in your homes right now because of aqueducts. Aqueducts channel water into the empire. Without these it would be VERY difficult to get to water, so next time you take a bath or drink a nice glass of refreshing roman water don't forget how you got that water.
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Come down and watch Gladiator games, wild animal fights and more at the colosseum. The colosseum covers over 6 acres of land so don't think that there's not enough room for your family. If you would like to participate in the games call 501-733-4504. We are in need of some more workers. Here is one job that is available, underground is a system of pulleys and animal pens. We really need help working the pulleys and cleaning out the animal pens. If you would like to apply call 501-336-0688 or come by and sign up. We are located in the center of the forum.
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Traveling Tours

Traveling Tours is hosting a trip to Egypt!! In Egypt the sun is bright and the sand is hot. Egypt has so many things to see from temples to pyramids. If you are interested then come by the forum and there will be flyers everywhere. Don't miss this one in a time opportunity.

Letter to Editor about Christianity

I believe that Christianity is a good thing. I think that everyone should be allowed to have their own beliefs. Whether there worshiping one god or multiple gods. I truly believe in Christianity. I think there is an afterlife. Also that people don't need to get murdered for believing in Christianity.
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Invasion of the Huns

Hi this is Sandy Silverton reporting from the Roman Empire. The Huns have invaded the Roman Empire and are trying to take over. The Roman Empire usually doesn't get invaded but when they do it just happens to be the most scary, powerful, and strongest group of barbarians. They've been known to chop off people's heads off. Now lets just hope it doesn't go that far. If you are reading this report you probably need to exit your house IMMEDIATELY!!!!