Vicky Stelzer

Ashford University MATLT Program

Professional Goal

One of my professional goals in pursuing a Masters in Learning with Technology was to increase my arsenal of resources and technology tools to become a better Technology Coach. My job as a TC is to provide guidance and resources for technology integration to the teachers in my building. I have learned about many new resources and methods to apply in my position as a Technology Coach. After completing the Ashford program I have achieved that goal, though my learning is ongoing and will never come to an end. Technology is continually evolving and what is current today is old technology tomorrow.


My most influential design and development challenge was Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK). In one of our classes we spent a lot of time discussing TPACK and developing lessons that help teachers teach effectively with technology. My job as a Technology Coach at an elementary school requires me to collaborate with teachers to write technology rich lesson plans that are authentic and have purpose. Learning more about TPACK was a very valuable use of my time. Teaching with technology is not just about using computers. It is about content knowledge, pedagogy, and the proper use and management of technology devices combined.


What was the challenge you experienced?

  • The challenge is coming up with effective ways to integrate technology into lessons that do not easily lend themselves to technology integration. Sometimes it is difficult to be creative and come up ideas for elementary students who do not have extensive background knowledge using laptops or the Internet. Sometimes the skill of using the computer needs to be taught before the technology integration can happen effectively.

How did you overcome it?

  • I spent a lot of time researching the library for professional journal articles. I also spent time researching the Internet for ideas.

How did the experience sharpen your knowledge and/or skill with teaching and learning with technology?

  • I am a much better resource for teachers at my school. I am able to collaborate with teachers to develop and facilitate technologically sound lesson plans.

Quote-Additionally using a personal example, explain your understanding of the Mark Twain quote: “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”

The Mark Twain quote means to me that real experience is truly the best form of education. My teaching experience combined with my Masters degree is very powerful. Education alone can not compare to real work and life experiences, but combined are very important and influential in my career as a teacher. There are a variety of avenues for new learning. It is ongoing and can happen any time any where. Often learning for me comes in the form of making mistakes or in the form of independent exploration. As a teacher for the past 21 years I have learned that we all learn differently. There is not one perfect delivery model.