Homeland Security

By: Casi De Avila

Career Research Requirements

What is Homeland Security? What are the daily tasks? Work environment? As a Homeland Security detective you have to supervise and coordinate investigation of criminal cases. Explain police operations to to substances to assist them in performing. Train staff in paper police work and investigate and resolve personal problems. Daily tasks are maintain logs, prepare reports and direct preparation and corporate with court personal and officials also review contents of written papers and to ensure adherence to legal. It is highly recommended to have a high school diploma an Associate degree, Bachelors degree and a Masters degree. Some skills to become a good detective is be an active listener, good at speaking, have good coordination, critical thinking and management. Job employment is 87%. As a detective you work all over the place but one main spot is in the office or police station. The average salary is $27,705. From interviewing someone who works in this field they have said it's a good and awesome job and that they enjoy working with the people they work with. She said it was tough work and a lot time taken but it was worth the job and also that it takes a lot of skill working in this area.

High School Preperation

Grayslake Central High School offers many courses but mainly for Homeland security is sociology, Physiology, Strength class and exploring technology. These are good courses because it gets people stronger mind wise and body wise. Some Extra curricular activities are sports. Sports helps build the mentality and body it also helps people work as team. The huge skill that it develops is team building and watching people. A good job you can get in high school is become a security guard at a certain place. This job is related because you are protecting and helping people also you have the responsibility of many things so no one gets hurt. Being a security guard helps being smart, being aware of what's going on and also working with different people. I chose 3 people for references when applying to my job. My first person was Lora Cifferi she works at Grayslake Central Hs and she was my geometry teacher I have known her for 2 years now and I chose her because I trust her and she knows me really well but she mainly knows whats good for me. Another person I chose was Guadalupe Guzman I have known her almost all my life and I chose her because she's like a second mom to me and she knows what I love to do. The last person I chose was Racheal Lesinski and she works at Grayslake Central Hs and I have known her for 3 years now and I chose her because she is a huge help to people but mainly she knows me really really well and I trust her with helping me get a job.

Post- Secondary Plan

My plan for after high school is go to college for four years and attend Western Illinois University. In order to get into Western is get a high 3.24 GPA and an 18-23 in the ACT. The average cost for an in state student is 12,217 and out of state student is 16,533. The second plan if plan A doesn't go as wanted is go to CLC for two years and then attend a different school for the rest of my years. CLC is a community college so anyone can attend theirs no certain GPA or ACT score. The average salary is 100 or more per credit. My 5 year plan is graduate college and find a good stable job and looking for a house or apartment to move into. The job I want to work as a secret service agent and I choose this career because I want to be challenged everyday of my job and I want to protect and learn many things about our country. It takes a lot of work to get to my career and a lot of skill. It takes a lot of training to become a high good detective and it requires a lot of skill and mentality work. Some of the training is working out and reading a lot of documents. Their are many internships but one main one is working as a police officer or working within the police area because you get the hang of what's going on as a police officer. Police work gives out a lot of opportunities to many young people.

Why I Chose This Career

I chose this career because I want to be able to help and protect our people but mainly I think that it will make a stronger human being because I want to dedicate my life to my job and enjoy working with so many people.
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Homeland Security Careers

What I Learned

What I learned was that I want to try to get to my career and give everything I have so I can work in the Homeland Security field. I learned a lot about my career and how much times it takes to get to that job and I really love police work.