By:Ethan Quarshie

description of progeria

progeria is a very rare disease of childhood characterized by dramatic, early aging. you will have aged skin, baldness, a pinched nose , a small face and jaw and move with stiffness in your joints.

causes of progeria

happened when child is young children and usually not passed through families.

Long term effects from progeria

no eyebrow or eyelashes

narrow chest

swallow veines

growth failure

loss of body hair and fat

aged looking skin

stiffness in joints

hip disorders

cardiovascular disease


you could take aspirin or statin medicines, those could protect you from a heart attack or stroke. Physical and occupational therapy extraction or the teeth

Fun Facts about progeria

the average life span of a victim with progeria id about 13 years old, About 250 people are living with progeria in the world. you grow 7 times the rate as a person without progeria.
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