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Singapore Online Shopping Picks Up Pace!

In this era when the globe is switching to the internet, so is Singapore! The online shopping Singapore has caught pace with the other countries in comparison. China, Japan and USA are the masters in online shopping. A renowned newspaper states that the web savvy folks in Singapore have spent money 15 times more than on previous years. The figures have only reckoned the individual transactions by the Singapore credit cards. Thus, the real figure spent with the folks on Singapore online shopping would be much more than that described above. This is definitely a good omen for all those ambitious web entrepreneurs of blogshop wholesales in Singapore!

Singapore is known as the hub for cheap shopping in all over the globe. The odd dealers fly down to Singapore just to receive the bulks of foot ware and clothes that they return to their home town and sell out in their own cities for huge benefits. The world of Singapore online shopping is also ruled by foot wares, clothes and consumer electronics. Around 60% of the deals from online shopping websites of Singapore fall under these categories. Statistics also show that there are on an average 3-5 new online shopping portals daily rising up from Singapore which totals to more than thousands of online stores from Singapore alone.