Rum River Technology & Learning

End of the School Year Edition 2015

It's Been An Exciting Year!

This has been an exciting year in our Rum River world of Technology and Learning. Our total coverage wireless system was installed, we acquired many new student access machines, and we survived the up and down world of MCA testing!
Thank you to everyone who made this year so memorable!

Summer School Promethean Pens & Projector Remotes

Summer school is coming. Please bag (with your classroom number) your Promethean pens and projector remote before you leave. Please add in a sheet that will indicate items included in the bag. These bags will be housed in the office for the summer and checked out through the Summer School secretary or the Tech para on a need basis.

Change Your Passwords Link and Password Reminder Sheet

Melyssa Carlson sent out an attachment sheet to help us all remember our Passwords for the fall. It included a spot for EEPR, your lunch number, My Learning Plan, voice mail, etc. It was attached to her May 22nd email.
The above link is for anyone wanting to change their passwords before they expire during the off summer month.

District TempShared Folder To Be Deleted in July

TempShared to be deleted 7-01-15 is a folder on the district’s storage area network for passing along information; it is not for permanent storage. The folder will be deleted on July 1, 2015. The folder was created as a temporary place for sharing among all district staff during the 2014-15 school year. Any staff member is able to view, add, and delete any files that have been saved there.

If you have any files or folders in the TempShared to be deleted 7-01-15 folder that you wish to keep, you will need to move them by Tuesday, June 30, 2015 to either a more permanent location, or to the new TempShared to be deleted 7-01-16 folder in DistrictWideData.

Great News For Google Apps!! Great New Changes!!

Anoka-Hennepin will be getting a NEW domain name!! The google apps domain name will be SHORTENED this summer. No longer will staff or students need to enter up to 41 characters as their user name to access Google Apps. The NEW domain will be

The district doesn't know the timeline yet, but will be notifying staff of the details during the summer. The are thinking of making the change the last week of July; right after summer school.

BUT (there’s MORE!!) The district will provide a password synchronization option. What that means to the end user is that the Google Apps password will synchronize with your active directory credentials – in an encrypted fashion, so it’s very secure -- and you’ll use the same password in both places. And, YES, when you change your active directory password, Google Apps will change with it. No more managing different passwords between Google Apps and Active Directory.

Three Promethean ActivInspire Training Opportunities in August

The district is offering three Promethean training classes in August. They include:
ActivInspire Basic Promethean Instruction: August 25
ActivInspire Promethean; Beyond the Basics: August 26
ActivInspire Promethean: Tips and Tricks: August 27

The classes are being held 9:00-noon

Staff Development Center Chamberlain Computer Lab

  • Register via Anoka-Hennepin's LMS via the lock and key.
  • On the left-side menu, click on Course Catalog.
  • On the right side, search on the term Promethean.
  • Click on the session title(s) and complete your registration.
  • The sessions are free.
  • You will not be paid for attending unless you can get building funds.
  • You may register for one, two, or all three.
  • You will fulfill your tech integration requirement for renewing your teaching license by attending any of these sessions.

Atomic Learning Summer Fun!

Before you head out for break, join Atomic Learning’s Summer Session!

Created especially for faculty and staff, this free informational email series begins mid-June, and includes weekly emails focused on helping you learn something new this summer—like using Google Maps to plan a road trip or capturing memories with Digital Photography Basics!

And, each time you share a takeaway of what you learned on a Summer Session email topic, you'll be entered for a chance to win over $500 in prizes—for both you and your school!

Rum River Elementary owns great Destiny eBooks!

Our school owns over 100 eBooks! They are easy to access and you can project them on your boards. Our newest order includes Ancient Civilizations to support the 3rd Grade Curriculum.

Watch the video I made to see how simple it is to use them!

Thank You Again to our 2014-2015 Technology Committee!!

A big Thank You to the following members of our 2014-2015 Technology Committee! You all served our school well!
Sandy Perkerwicz: Chair
Jamie Grant: Kindergarten
Julie Waldock: First grade
Josh Smith: Second grade
Nikki Weinert: Third grade
Cory Moore: Fourth grade
Tom Powers: Fifth grade
Paul Dudley: Web Master
Jessica Sandberg: Special Education
Melyssa Carlson: Integration Technology Teacher
Alice Hanley: Techno Genius
Deb Shepard: Administration
Amy Reed: Administration

Rum River Elementary Technology & Learning Newsletter: Summer 2015

My best wishes to the Class of 2022 as they move onto Middle School!. What a great parade and send off we had on June 4th. You will all be missed!!