My Mount Rushmore

My Personal Mount Rushmore


Mount Rushmore National Memorial has the faces of four former presidents:George Washington,Thomas Jefferson,Theodore Roosevelt,and Abe Lincoln.It was designed by Guzton Borglum.It was built near Keystone,South Dokota.It was finished the year 1941.If I could design my own Mount Rushmore I would the following people,who are important to me,carved into the granite:my mom,Shannon;my dad,Cesar;Abe Lincoln,and George Washington.

First Person

The person I’d put on my Mount Rushmore is Shannon Ortiz,my mom.She is a hard worker.She does her best at keeping our house clean,and keeping food on the table.She taught me that hard work pays off.In the summer of 2012,my family and I worked on the outside of our house.We put up siding.It was a lot of work but it payed off.Those are only two of my reasons for why my mom deserves to be on my personal Mount Rushmore.

Second Person

The second person I'd pick is Cesar Ortiz,my dad.Here are two reasons why he should be on my Mount Rushmore.He works as hard as he can,even when he is not feeling well.In late December of 2012 we found out dad ear infection.Soon he felt fine.He helps cook and wash clothes and more chores.My dad always tries to make things right with people.Whenever he and my mom fight,he always tries his best to apologize.These are two reasons why my dad should be on my own Mount Rushmore

Third Person

Abe Lincoln was a president and the the person I picked for my Mount Rushmore.I know he’s already on Mount Rushmore,but here are two reasons why he should be my on Mount Rushmore.He tried helping African Americans.He tried to help them by fighting for their rights to be free.He did a good job at being president.He didn’t make terrible laws.

Fourth Person