Economic Development

In the North during the 19th century

In the 1800's the United States had a Transportation Revolution

In the 19th century the only transportation they had were steamboats and trains. These transportation systems carried people and goods across the Atlantic. By the 1840's the United States had already been using more than 500 steamboats. Major cities and economies began to in the 1800's due to these transportation and travel developments. I personally think that this development was benficial because people and goods traveled faster and they also traveled to many places that the steamboats and trains were linked to.

Changes in manufacturing and Industry in the North during the 19th century

In the United States during the 19th century there were big changes in manufacturing and industry. There were many factories that contained machines, these factories gave many women jobs. Simultaneously, these jobs caused many problem such as people getting injured or people dying. I personally think the lowell girls have bad jobs because they are sacraficing there lifes.