Benjamin Franklin

Maya Wegand

Important Facts

  1. He signed the Declaration of Independence
  2. He also helped keep us from the king by writing other documents
  3. He was elected to represent Philadelphia

Family Life

He had 16 other siblings. Was the 15 child out 17. He lived in Boston Massachusetts when he was a young boy. He was taken out of school at the age of 10, to help his father improve on his business.

Famous For

Benjamin was the oldest figure in the American Revolution.

Role in the Revolution

He signed the Declaration of independence (1776), Treaty of Paris established peace with Great Britain (1783), U.S. Constitution (1787), and Treaty of Alice with France (1778).

Life after the Revolution

He died 7 years after the Revolutionary War, in 1790 and died at age of 84. He left France and went back to Philadelphia in 1885.