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September 19-23

Appetizers: Choose one of these when you have some free time!

1. Click this button to practice Quizlet

Set a timer for 10 minutes. When the timer sounds, move on to another choice!

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2. Click this button to Wonder.....Wonderopolis #30

Go to this link and learn about where the political symbols come from. Create a brochure to show what you've learned! Brochures are found in the folder labeled "Wonderopolis" by the pencil sharpener.

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Main Course: You must get these done this week!

1. Work on Writing:

  • Answer each of the following padlets.
  • Be sure to put your name in the title to get credit!
  • Padlet #1 click here
  • Padlet #2 click here
  • Padlet #3 click here
  • Padlet #4 click here

2. Word Work:

  • Use this children's dictionary.
  • Make a copy of this slide and rename it "Your name" Family Pictures Vocabulary.
  • When you have completed the activity, please share it to me by clicking the "share" button in blue. Type in this email address:

3. iReady Reading

  • Login to the EMIS Homepage.
  • Choose 'Resources"
  • Choose "Clever"
  • Login to iReady READING and work on this for 20 minutes.
  • Set a timer!

4. Theme Task Cards

  • Get a recording sheet from the folder by the pencil sharpener labled "Theme Task Cards. Around the room the task cards are scattered.
  • You will answer each card in whichever order you choose.
  • Keep the answer key and on Friday we will do an activity called Plickers.
  • This assignment will be taken for a grade!


Extend your reading... this should be started once everything above is completed!

  • Go to the folders by the pencil sharpener.
  • Get the passage out of the "Read to self" folder.
  • After reading the passage answer 3 questions on one of the anchor charts around the room titled "Hispanic Populations Soars."
  • Remember to use evidence from the text to support your answers!