how do we treat these people that are Black

A entry from the diary of Emily S. Fob

I was working like always on a hot July day. Watching people getting taken from their family. The sky the color of hatred. nothing was new except these white people. there was 2 girls and a boy, I smiled but just stood their watching, there faces looked fierce, but a the same time sad. the little looked as she might just puke, which she did. Then with out expecting it at all, i was sold away i was gripping my brother but they were to strong. I'm not used to sitting alone, he was all ways by me. I still wonder about that girl, who was she?
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A Q&A with Frederick Douglass

Hi I’m Gracie Wheeler, I’m here with Fredrick Douglass. Were here in Maryland interviewing him, so give it up for the wonderful Fredrick Douglass. He has been through the roughest of times but still came here to answer our questions.

1.Do you live on a plantation? If so, was there anything you liked about the plantation? "I used to live on a plantation, and liked the plantation because i learned to read and got to play with the other kids.”

2.How many jobs did you have? What were they? “I don’t remember what exact jobs I had, but I probaly had around the house chores.

3.Did you like to learn? Why or Why not? “Yes I liked to learn. If I hadn’t of learned to read I would have not of escaped as early in life as I did. I also loved reading and with loving to read I made and published my own book.”|

4.Have you’ve been beat before? How many times? Why?

5.Do you remember your mom? What was she like? “Yes, she had dark eyes that were warm with a mouth that broke in to a smile.”

6.Why did you escape. Do you regret it?

Well I went back so I guess I did, but it gave me courage

7.Did you know anything about you father?

I knew he was a white man, but I did get to find my brothers and sisters

8.How tired were you working at midnight?

I was super tired because I only got five hours of sleep each night, and cause I did the same thing each day

9.What do life would be like if therer were still slaves?

Horrible and unfair because it's back to white-vs-black

10.How do you feel about not having birthday that is remembered?

Upset because blacks don't get to be celebrated. And really sad as as a kid?

Southern Plantation

April 7, 1836

New Mexico Territory

Mrs. Mary Anna Curtis Lee

Anna, I know I said I would be back in a day's time but the battle has just ended. But it just kept coming. I'm in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Tell the kids that I love them and daddy will be home soon.

On April 30th, I found 80,000 enemy troops behind me, and that's what started the Episode. May 1st , Me and Jackson planned our own flank movement. May 2, Jackson and 30,000 men followed a circuitous rout. On May 3, the Union defended themselves. And on May 6, the union recrossed the rappahannock.

I can't wait till I get home, by the time this letter gets to you i’ll be on my way. See you soon.

- Daddy


By. Gracie Wheeler

One day as I walked through the muddy brown fields, after milking the cow, I saw soldiers wandering around. Probably looking for another runaway slave. You see we have quilts which tell slaves if is a safe place or not, this is our secret way to communicate. I think it's unfair to make people slaves but Momma and Pa always say life isn’t fair and blacks are not as important as us whites. Then the soldiers just leave, nothing changes, the cold breeze going against my pale white hands, but a sudden pause as if the world just stopped living and I had these thoughts as if someone was watching me, but the world played up again and I walked home silently.

When I got home Mamma sent me to go feed the roosters, after that loud scene of clicking and clucking she sent me with a basket to the barn. Usually I don’t care about having to go there but today I feel awful unsure about going in there. When I was in there I was super scared especially with my cat looking around, I knew he sensed something so I ran, I saw a eye, I ran the quickest I could and by the time I got home all the eggs were broken or fell out, momma wouldn't be happy i'll be getting whipped tonight.

That night at dinner we had biscuits and stew like us wall, but that made me think about the thing what if it's a runaway slave she or he needs food, wait i'll bring him or her some food after dark.

That night after dark I snuck back into the farm and left a bisket on the towel I brought the person. I sat there and waited nice and quiet but no one came out, so I quietly snuck back in the house making sure of me not making a noise. For the next 4 days I brought her or him, pie, a roll, a slice of bread, and chicken on the bone, then like always snuck back to the house.

One day as I was walking home I saw the soldiers and I ran inside and I got in the secret door and peeked out as they were in my house and held up a flyer for a runaway slave, if founded REWARD. I shut the door and peeked through the hole in it. Then they were gone.

That night I snuck into the barn to make sure she or he was still there. When I got there, there was a doll. They it had some clothes on, a dress, with the most beautiful dress on it looked like the towel my mother made that I gave to her or him, (but i think its a girl). Wait that is the towel I gave to her.

Then I snuck off again knowing I had done the right thing. As I fell asleep I looked at the north star with my new doll in my hand. I just smiled. “Who cares about what color you are, it doesn’t matter, it’s your personality that matters,” I whispered to myself and i fell asleep.

William Lloyd Garrison

Who was William Lloyd Garrison

We all have probably heard of William Lloyd Garrison, but i didn't know who he was at all besides the fact that he was a abolitionist. Garrison is an amazing man, he did many things for blacks, and he was a white man. He was born December 10, 1805 in Newburyport Mass. His father deserted him and his family. As a kid he sold homemade molasses, candy and he delivered wood for money. In 1818 he was a writer and editor.

Significant Life Events

Garrison was married in 1834 and had 7 children, 2 of them died. He lived in Roxbury. He traveled throughout the North US to make small attacks. One time he was forced to parade the streets while a rope was around his neck. His paper once failed so he went to Boston to edit the National Philanthropist. And he died in New York on May 24, 1879.


Garrison had many accomplishments. He was in a Anti - Slavery Society. He was press. for 23 years. He published a weekly called the liberator, he started on January 1, 1831. In 1829 he gave his first address against slavery.

William Lloyd Garrison is well known and was an important person in history. He helped end slavery, even tho he was on the tip to dyeing. Garrison was an important person. At the beginning of this you may of not known anything but I know I have learned a lot.