Noor-ul-Ilm is hiring!

NUI Administration needs a dedicated female volunteer!

We are looking to hire new qualified, well-trained female volunteering administration personnel

With our integration with Burooj Realization, Noor-ul-Ilm is searching for a dedicated, experienced and committed female admin in-charge with the following Roles & Responsibilities:

-Handling administration

-Admission of students

-Database entry

-Correspondence with parents (via emails, circulars, WhatsApp)

-Conveying notices (to parents and staff)

If you think you are fit for the volunteering job, then drop in your CV with us, and we will get back to you.

Who knows? Starting next academic year, YOU may be on OUR team!

So don't delay any further!

How can you help us?

What is Noor-ul-Ilm?

Noor-ul-Ilm is a children's weekend institute, located in Qusais, Dubai, soon to be integrated with the Burooj Realization beginning on September 2013.

Visit our facebook page or contact us to know more.