Betsy Ross

Lady created the 1st flag

Early Life

Betsy Ross was born in January 30,1836 in Philadelphia.She was crafty,when her mom thought her to sew Betsy loved sewing after.


Betsy had parents named Samuel Griscom and Rebecca James.When Betsy was young,she left school at age 12.She was very responsible.While she grew up,She went to a friends(Quaker)public school.For 8 hours a day,she taught reading,writing,and she got instruction in a trade-probably sewing.Sooner,Betsy opened her own sewing shop.

Betsy Ross Family Life

Betsy got married 3 times.She had 6 daughterds.She had Betsy married John Ross,Sadly when he went to a trip to washington,he died.Then she married Joseph Ashburn,He died in an emglish prison.After him she married John Claypoole.After he died,Betsy never got married again.

Georege Washington and Betsy

George Washington were good friends.George wanted an American flag so he asked Betsy if she could make one.Betsy accepted.When she started sewing,she asked some of her friends if they could help her sew the flag

Betsy Last Day

Betsy was known for many things.Sadly,Betsy died in January 30,1836.She died at the age of 84.She died of natural causes.Betsy will be remembered for making our 1st flag.
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