Show and Tell

Happening Every Friday After Lunch

Animals You LOVE

Pets are allowed but they need to be brought by parents during show and tell then taken back home. Students are not allowed to bring pets and have them in class all day. If for any reason a child is afraid of the pet/animal, the animal must be removed for safety reason. Please bring animals who are tamed and are trained.

Every Friday in homeroom after lunch

Students will go to kunch at normal scheudled time and during this time, parents can come in and bring animals or other things for their children. When the children are lined up ready to come into class, I will inform them of any animals in the classroom. Show and Tell will last 30 minutes giving each child a chance to show what they brought.

Classroom Teachers and Aids Present During This Time



If there are any concerns or questions about show and tell, please feel free to call, email or text any of our classroom teachers.

Mrs. Resendez- 964-556-6531