6th Grade Technology

By: Connor Corrigan

Typing Web

Typing Web help you to improve your typing.

Each session help you in some way.`

You do it for 5 minutes in the begging of class.


In this project you much a ITrailer of what ever you want.

You can show the class when you are finish.

It is kind of fun to do.

Haiku Deck

You make a project about your dream job.

Your project will be shown in front of the class.

It Is a lot of fun.

Explain Everything

You have to explain how to do a math problem.

The problems are sort by level.

You do it on your IPad.

Career Locker

You get to look more in to your dream job.

You'll find the places were you can go to collage.

It takes about 2 weeks of class.


It is a lot of fun to do.

Many different thing to do on the website.

There is video to show you what to do.