Virtual Resume

Joshua Bollers

Academic Smart Goal

S. I want to become a 80% average student by the end of grade 12

M. To get to my goal of getting a 80% average i have to study everyday for 1 hour and do my homework and not fool around in class and not get distracted by people.

A. I will have to study everyday for 1 hour and do my work in class and pay attenuating to when the teacher is talking .

R. This is a important goal for me that this time because I need to start to take my grades to the next level if I want to become a computer software tester.

T. I will ask my teachers questions if i don't get the work and then i will try to do it myself also i would study for one hour every night so i can get a 80% by the end of grade 12.

volunteering Smart Goal

S. I want to get 300 hours by the end of grade 12

M. I would volunteer at shelters and camps in the summer for four days for 35 hours a day and one day for ten so i can get my 150 hours

A. I would have to volunteer everyday in the summer for 4 days for 35 hours and 1 day for 10 hours because i already have 150 hours

R. This is a important goal for me at this time in my life because i want to stand out on my Resume from other people that apply for that job.

T. I will volunteer for 35 hours for 4 days and one day for 10 hours just to get 150 hours because that would make my 300 hours complete because i already have 150 hours

Future Resume

Joshua Bollers

9 Silver Willow Trial | L6R 0P1| Brampton | 647-893-3961 |


· Seeking a Full Time job as a Computer Engineer


algonquin college 2018-2021

Bachelor Degree in Computer software 2021

louise ARbour secondary school 2014- 2018

OSSD in 2018

Skills & Abilities

Computer skills

· I can fix computers problems

· I can use the hole Microsoft programing system

· I know how to work very well with computers


· I speak with confidence when presenting

· I can carry out a conversation with people if I have to Leadership

· I’m a started point guard on my rep basketball team


· Play point guard on my basketball rep team

· I tell the players to pick up the paste when they are slacking

· I talk to the coach a lot


Cineplex | Full Stack Software Engineer | 2018-2021

· I had to fix programmers

· I had to report to the Chief Technology Officer

· Worked with other people and tell them what to do

brampton garden | newspaper | 2013-2013

· I had to hand out newspaper 3 days a week Wednesdays , Thursday, Friday

· I had to give 1 week notice when taking the next week off

· I had to use time management


Volunteer MBC | Annual Cruisers Cup Sledge Hockey Tournament | 2018-2018

· Sale service

· I had to be a Rink Staff

· I set up the Dressing room for the players

· I had to help the person make the game sheet

· I showed people were the washroom was when they asked

Volunteer MBC | Coach and General Volunteer | 2019- 2019

· Help the coach or be the coach

· Tell players what to do to win

· Tell player what to run when they ask

· Work with the players

· Teach skills in developmentally



Mr. Crabjot Sing Foot Locker, Boss for store


Ms. Britney Smith Champs, Employer in store 954-589-7536

Mr. John sing IBA software, Employer in store 905-658-4210

Challenges and Solutions

First problem is you have to work under presser when programing a software because you have to make the software right and by a serotonin time so you can get paid like you have to be able to get a software done in 1 hour max 2 hours because you have to make at less 10 software's in one day to be good at your job and show your boss what the software does and the software has to make sense to the person that ordered it because if they don’t know how to use it they would not come back to you and your company will lose a client and you can lose your job like that.

Another problem would be that you might not like your co-workers or your boss so everything they ask you to do you won’t want to do it because your boss or co-worker is annoying you or you just want to take your anger out on them just because you don’t like them or you might not do your work just to get at them, but if you don’t do your work you will lose your job and be jobless and then you would have wished you did what your boss or co-worker asked you to do.