Nothing Gold Can Stay-Robert Frost

By: Isabella McAllister


The poem might be be about how nothing last forever, and everything good or bad eventually has to come to an end.


The poem is about a leaf who starts out as a beautiful gold color. Then it gets older, and loses its gold color, then dies.


The poem might mean that the author feels that life only lasts for so long, and you need to savor it while you can. You don't get forever, and nothing last forever.


Th tone of this poem is very mixed. It is pretty serious, but has a hopeful vibe. The line.."But only so an hour" gives a sadness and strong tone about dying. But the whole poem seems as the poet tries to get a positive message across, but has a sadness in it as well.


There is a small shift in the begging when it says.."Her hardest hue to hold" and "Her early leaf's a flower" starts out happy. But when you get to the next one the poet changes the way of his words to sad and more slower. I believe the big shift is when he states "But only o an hour" and " Nothing gold can stay." This is because it is telling us we only have so long, and we will eventually go.


I think the title Nothing Gold Can Stay means the poet is trying to get a message across. The message seems to be, that nothing lasts forever and we all have to come to an end. The poet does a god job of getting the message across through the title.


The theme of this poem seems to be that nothing can last forever, and we all will eventually die.