Canham Updates

Mrs. Canham's 5th Grade Class

February 2017

The 2nd half of the school year is here! We are focusing on our time management and putting forth full effort in all that we do to help us get ready for our transition to middle school. We will be going to BizTown and we will be getting ready for our Wax Museum this month!


Reader's Workshop

Students set new reading goals for quarter 3. Be sure to ask your son/daughter what their goal is for the quarter! Later this month, we will start new book clubs with historical fiction books that connect to our Revolutionary War unit.

Writer's Workshop

During writer's workshop, we are focusing on researching, paraphrasing, and note-taking. We will then be using these notes, to write an ABC book on the person that we have decided to be for the Wax Museum (Friday, March 10th 1:30-3:15). Here is the information on due dates for our ABC books: ABC BOOK/WAX MUSEUM CALENDAR.


We will be starting a unit on decimals this week. The students will be comparing, ordering, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. We will also be converting fractions to decimals and percentages to decimals.

Social Studies

We have started studying the American Revolution. Currently, we are learning about the causes of the war and the events that led the colonists to want their freedom from Britain. We will then continue learning about the Revolutionary War by reading through Chapter 8, which covers the important battles and the end of the war. The students will have a test on both chapters 7 and 8 on February 21st. A study guide will be sent home closer to the test date.


Valentine's Day Party

We will be having a Valentine's Day Party on Tuesday, February 14th. We will be having ice cream sundaes - please sign up using this document if you would like to donate something for our party. Students can bring in valentines for their classmates, we ask that they bring in a valentine for everyone in our class. Here is a class list to help them fill out their valentines, remember we have 24 students in our class.

BizTown Field Trip

On Wednesday, February 15th we will be going to JA BizTown for a full day experience. Please send a fully disposable bagged lunch on that day with your child (drinks will be available for them at BizTown). Permission slips will be sent home on 2/6 and are due on 2/10.

ABC Book/Wax Museum

Your child has picked a person to research for their ABC book. We have started note-taking and researching this person in class. Their finished books are due on Friday, March 8th. You can refer to this schedule to keep up with their due dates for this project.

Work will be done at school and home, so please check in with your child on their progress of this assignment.

The Wax Museum will take place on Friday, March 10th at 1:30-3:15. Please come and walk through our museum at any moment in that time frame.