Hampton Media Update


Welcome Back!

I hope each of you had an enjoyable break!  Please find updates from your media center for the week of 10-7-13 in this newsletter. 

Website Changes

The website has not been transferred to the new Edline format just yet.  When asked when the new website will be launched, the District Webmaster responded:  "Many of you have asked about the timeline for launching Edline. To this point, a definite launch date has not been determined, but we can tell you it is a couple months away. The launch will depend on several factors, including school sites being ready, teachers having time to work on their pages, and continuing work on the district’s website. We still have a lot to do, and we will not make the sites public until they are ready."  So do not panic!  You have time!  I was told that those of us that do not have individual webpages to work on just yet (ex. specialists) do not have to be concerned at this point.  The district is more concerned about the preparation of the full school site right now.  However, please, please, please begin adding information (if you can) and organizing documents to add to your class site right away!

Hampton Media Update Courtesy of B. Hill