Bernie's Bucket List

Ahmed Period. 7

Swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii

~Prices from $165 per person to swim with these amazing creatures

~ offers Structured Dolphin Swims with hands-on dolphin encounters, including a variety of trained behaviors (belly rubs, kisses, and dorsal tows) with the dolphins and an experienced dolphin trainer. They also have Natural Dolphin Swims, where individuals use a mask, fins and snorkel to participate in open swimming with dolphins

~It would be a MAN MADE aquarium

~ It would be Physical weathering from when it rains

~It would be a hot day, but I would cool off quickly with the cold water

~ I would take Reyes because she also wants to do this

Sea Life Park Dolphin Swim Oahu Hawaii

Going to CMA awards

~If I went to the Country Music Awards in 2016, it would be November 9, 2016 in Nashville, TN

~Before, the building for the CMA awards was built there was a grassland.

~Most likely Physical Weathering

~ I would take my mom and sister, Shea

Go to Flordia

I want to got Florida. Reyes, Gorzycki, Drapes, and I have it planned that when we all turn 18 we are going to Universal Studios. Since Disney World is not far, I would love to go there too. Before Flordia, there might have been water or grassland. I would save this is Physical Weathering.

Meet Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley is my favorite country singer, or just singer in general. If I could meet Brad Paisley, I would take Annabel Klemm and my mom. They both love Brad Paisley's music almost as much as me. I would love to meet him in Nashville TN. Again, I would say this would be Physical Weathering. Before Nashville, there was most likely grassland.
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Experience zero gravity

I want to go to ifly in Austin Texas. At ifly you get in a suit and fly around in a machine. I would say this is Physical Weathering. Most likely before the ifly building was there, there was grassland. Austin is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away. I would take my youth group because we all LOVE doing activities like that.
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IFly Austin