6 weeks homework

english language arts

graphic organizer

revising and editing techniques

Over summer break I went to Mobile, Alabama. We went to Alabama so we could go deep sea fishing. When we arrived at the beach we got all of the fishing poles out and bait. When we were done setting up all the poles so my dad and uncle could go fishing, I went for a walk up and down the beach. The view was so beautiful. As I was walking I could feel the sand in between my toes. And the water going past my feet. The sight was so beautiful.

influence of the setting on plot development

We need plot and setting when creating stories because, we need to know when did it happen, where did it happen, why did it happen, and how did it happen.

Analyze different forms of poin tof view

1st person point of view is when you tell a story from your perspective. 2nd point of view is when the narrator is tell the reader a story using words you and your. 3rd person omniscient point of view is when the thoughts of every character are open to the reader. 3rs person limited is when the reader enters the mind of only one character.
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