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A Note:

HI all! It's Bobbie! I'm trying something new this year to communicate better with you all! I will be sending out messages like this periodically to hopefully share new and upcoming information with you. My goal is to support you in any way that I can. Hopefully some of the things found here will do just that! I hope you had a great first full week and I wish you all a great school year!


Upcoming PD: This year's title professional development will focus on small group instruction. Sarah is very willing to tailor your professional development on this topic to your team's specific needs. Please let me know if there is an aspect of small group instruction that you would like her to focus on ASAP!


Upcoming PD: This year the district will be offering additional professional development in math. These PAID opportunities are not required but recommended. There will be three different sessions that will take place from 3-5 pm. The dates are included below and are grade level specific.

Upcoming Dates:

Fall Reading: Small Group Professional Development

  • Kinder: 10/11

  • First: 9/27

  • Second: 9/29

  • Third: 10/4

  • Fourth & Fifth 10/6

This is an all day session. Subs have been requested for you.

Fall Math Professional Development:

First Session:

  • 9/19 3-5pm Grades K-2

  • 9/21 3-5 pm Grades 3-5

Second Session:

  • 10/18 3-5 pm Grades K-2

  • 10/25 3-5 pm Grades 3-5

*This is optional but recommended PAID pd for math instruction. Session Three will take place in February

For Fun!

With our emphasis on Leadership and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People...I thought this was fun! Use as you see fit!
7 Habits of Happy Kids Song - There's A Leader In Me