Me, Myself, and I Part 2

By: Jesseppy Smith (Trancy Clark)

T.V. Life!

I live on the television, and if I can't find anything I just go on Netflix. If I had to choose though I would say my favorite show is Gotham. It describes life in Gotham before Bruce Wayne was Batman and everything was bad.


Villains are amazing. I mean good guys are good to, but if you ask me which one is better I will say villains and the best person out of the villain world is the Joker and or his "sidekick" or his "girlfriend" Harley Quinn.


I am the Youngest Child Out of All of My Sisters!

I Love to Draw

I draw all the time! When I'm bored, excited, and even when I'm scared I draw. I also like to look at other artist drawings online. Sometimes when I'm bored enough though I have a habit of doodling in class.


I get bored fairly easily. If I have me sit and do something for a long amount of time. Once I'm bored there is basically no turning back because I'll either be spacing out or doodling a piece of paper.


All through this presentation you have heard what I like, but what the list of things I hate is very long. To sum up the things the number one thing I hate would probably be that I hate socializing with others because I'm so awkward in front of people and I never know what to say to people so it ends up as awkward silence.

Thank you for Listening and I Hope you Have Learned A Lot about me!