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It is not about technology, but about sharing knowledge.

SOS! Help!

Things will go wrong and that is what creates unexpected learning opportunities and builds problem-solving abilities. Remember the point for any activity completed is to build knowledge. If a student does a project and technology goes awry, the knowledge from completing the project should still be present in the student's mind. Teach students to be able to keep going despite a hiccup and build resilience.

I used Recite to create the visual quote. How could you use this site in your classroom?

Get Your Students Excited About Writing with Blurb

As a classroom teacher, I have always looking for ways to get students excited about writing. Students become engaged by the knowledge that their writing is going to be read by a live audience. In my classroom, I began creating books through Student Treasures to motivate my students. Each year we would work on different writing topics and the students and I would distinguish which topic was the best and we would create a class book based on that topic.

I want to share Blurb with you. This site caught my attention as a great way to incorporate writing through publishing. Create published books, magazines, eBooks, and more with ease. Family members are able to buy the book for a keepsake. It can even be taken to the next level through Amazon publishing.

Whether you use it as a portfolio of an individual's writing samples or as a class project, you are sure to see students working hard. I have students that come back to me years later and talk about the class books they created. I kept copies in my classroom library for later generations to enjoy and help motivate them.

Here is an example of the book that Room 217 created.

Storytelling Series: "Room 217" by Rebecca Kee

News! Get Your News Here!

Researching propaganda or perspectives from a different era can seem ambiguous to students. Have your students use Google News Archive to gather perspectives on events from long ago. Have them look at how newspapers from different regions reported on an event, and drive your instruction further into how point of view can depend on location and culture. You can search specific news sites or search for events in the keyword search box.

Archive Help Page

Attention Art Teachers and STEAM Teachers!

Artsonia is an online art museum for your classroom. It is a great way to involve the community, make some money for art or STEAM materials, and it shows students that they can reach an audience with their art or creations. Students can share their creations with parents and family members via the museum. Viewers can purchase items with their student’s artwork on them and 20% of the purchase is given back to the school. Imagine the possibilities!

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