Lien Cheng Taiwan-made saxophone


A craftsman with his saxophone

He is a person who developed the very first saxophone in Taiwan, Mr. Chang Lien Cheng was born in Houli, Taichung. He was a drawer and a musician too. In the old time, a saxophone would cost one acre of a farmland. One of his friends, Mr. Chang, Chi-Pan , was the only one who had a saxophone in Houli. However, a fire destroyed that saxophone so that inspired Lien-Cheng draw every details of components of the saxophone and manufactured it. He created the very first saxophone in Taiwan.

Our Alto Saxophones...

We are in Taichung Houli, Taiwan

A lovely place breed saxophone makers. You can easily hear the sound of saxophone come from street played by Houli resident aged from 16-65. Saxophone is not only rich men's toy but also became an entertainment for a lot of people in Houli.