Piper williamson

All About me

One thing I like to do is sing.

Ive been singing my whole life and basically it calms me down when Im upset. i do it all the time and i love to do it for people. Im learning to play guitar and piano. so i can try to make a you tube channel out of it.

I like to hang out with my friends.

I have 3 best friends.

Im a good listener and I give good advice.

all about me

My name is Piper, I like to sing and have fun with friends. I also like to watch sports ( mostly baseball , yankees fan) I love to hang out with my family and have a good time with them. I love to make jokes with my mom and I love to work on stuff with my dad ( like cars and painting ). I love watching kids I love kids. my favorite color is blue. Im a good listener and Ill always help some one when they are in need, Im a good friend and I care alot.