By: Jayde Ferrari

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When and how did Argentina gain its independence?

In 1816 Argentina declares its independence on July 9. Argentina gained its independence when Bolivia,Paraguay,and Uruguay went their own ways and the land that was left became Argentina.
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Why are the livestock that the Gauchos herd a vital part of Argentina's economy?

The livestock that the Gauchos herd are a vital part of Argentina's economy. Livestock are kept safe from predators and natural land dangers by the use of herding. Herding provides meat for humans and animals to consume. Livestock can provide leather and wool.

Why does Argentina have a strong European culture?

Argentina has a strong European culture. This is because of large European immigration. Also, the Europeans build Argentina's capital Buenos Aires, and therefore "many Argentines are of European descent."
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What environmental issues is Argentina facing? Why?

Environmental issues that Argentina is currently facing, is deforestation,soil degration,desertification,air pollution,and water pollution. One issue which is deforestation "is threatening the Yungas cloud forest.""This is due to the agrilcultural production of soybeans."