From Cow to Basketball

By: Addison Roe 3AS


Do you like playing basketball? Have you ever wonder wear a basketball came from well get ready to find out.


A basketball is first a cow. The farmer checks if it is sick. Then if it is healthy the cows skin is turned in to leather by cleaning and tanning it. Once the the leather is ready to go trucks take it to the factory.


In the factory they first make sure the leather is ok. Then they will put words on it. After that somebody will test the basketball. Then it will go to the store in trucks.


At the store people will first get the balls out of the trucks. Then people put the basketballs on the shelf. Kids like to buy basketballs because you can play a lot of games with it. Grownups like to buy basketballs because it is a good gift for birthdays or holidays.

Fun Facts

As you can see a basketball makes a crazy journey to the store. But there might be some fun facts you might not know. The black line on the basketballs is made of a tree part. A basketball is dyed red and brown. The first basketball made fell a part.


Now that you know how a basketball is made you can buy one at the store. Have fun with your new basketball out on the court.
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