Edgar Allan Poe

By Lauren Wheeler

Poe's influence on literature…has been immense.

Poe struggled desperately with his literary career during his own lifetime. No one really cared about Poe's stories while he was alive. It was only after the French poet Charles Baudelaire began to recognize the genius in Poe's work that American appreciation for his work soared.

Poe was never afraid to be the first person to do something

Poe broke all the rules and was defiantly an out of the box thinker. He was the first to write Gothic poems,the first to write Detective stories and even Science Fiction stories. People thought he was crazy for writing those type of stories but he did it anyway. When people said that his stories were too scary and that he would never be a writer he proved them wrong.

He was rejected countless times and didn't give up

Edgar summited a ton of stories and all were rejected. But he never gave up. He continued to summit his stories until one finally got published. Poe won "The Manuscript Found in a Battle." He finally got a job and he finally got published. This is what made him a famous writer. Even once he became a writer he still had people telling him to stop writing the stories he was writing because they were "too scary". He still wasn't accepted, yet he continued to do his thing.

Poe was the first to write gothic poems

Most people recognize Poe by his famous poem, "The Raven". Others may have read one of his more popular dark and creepy tales like, "The Fall of the House of Usher" or "The Tell-Tale Heart". Poe wrote quite a few gothic stories about murder, revenge, torture, the plague, being buried alive, and insanity. Many modern books and movies have used ideas from Poe. Some of Poe's stories were not well accepted in his day because people were just not ready for them emotionally or intellectually.

Poe was the first to write detective stories

Poe was considered the "Father" of the Detective Story. He was more famous with his detective stories than gothic stories. His Most famous stories were: The Murders in the Rue Morgue,The Mystery of Marie Roget, and The purloined.

It's possible that we wouldn't have The Hardy Boys or even Nancy Drew books if Edgar Allan Poe had not paved the way.

Poe influenced many writers

Edgar Allan Poe influenced Stephen King, Charles Baudelaire, and so many other famous writers. They all use Poe's ides and they tell us why they look at Poe's writing for inspiration. Without Poe we would have missed out on so many great books.

Arthur Conan Doyle once said that Edgar Allan Poe's stories were "a model for all time."

Just how much Doyle relied on Poe's model when he developed his own contribution to detective, crime, and murder mystery books and stories can readily be seen when one examines the internal evidence of the stories both men wrote.

Poe's life heped hm become an ifluence

Poe's life was a challenging life. He was an orphan and he seemed to get in trouble a lot. You wouldn't have thought that someone like Poe would have been a famous writer but he was. He proved that no matter what happens in some ones life you can still achieve anything, no matter what anyone else says. He showed that the way you learn or act it doesn't reflect how smart you are.

Edgars Life and Childhood/ Family

Born: Jan. 19,1809 Boston

Died: Winter 1849

"as an American poet, short-story writer. Poe's stormy personal life and his haunting poems and stories combined to make him one of the most famous figures in American literary history."

Childhood/ Family:

Edgars parents were struggling actor

his mother died in 1811

Edgar had a lonely childhood

Education and Accomplishments


Studies in Chelsea (boarding school) & manor house of school at Stoke Newington

University of Virginia


The Raven

To Helen


The Tell-Tale Heart

Annabel Lee

Murders at Rue Morgue

The Fall of the House of usher

The Purloined Letter

The Poetic Principle

important life events


Edgar Poe is born on January 19, in Boston.


1 year old

Edgar's parents separate. Elizabeth Poe takes the children.


2 years old

Edgar's mother, Elizabeth dies.

Mr. and Mrs. John Allan adopt Edgar Poe.


6 years old

Edgar Allan goes to school in England.


11 years old

Edgar returns to the United States and continues his schooling.


14 years old

Edgar attends the academy of William Burke, succeeds in athletics.


16 years old

John Allan inherits a fortune when his uncle dies.


17 years old

Edgar attends the University of Virginia, goes by "Edgar Poe".


18 years old

Poe drops out of school because John Allan won't give him any money.

Poe writes and prints his first book, "Tamerlane and other Poems".

Poe can't support himself so he joins the United States Army.


19 years old

Edgar Poe does well in the Army, attains rank of sergeant major


20 years old

Mrs. Allan dies, Edgar returns home.

Poe and John Allan temporarily reconcile their differences.

Poe applies to West Point, John Allan sponsors him.


23 years old

Poe submits a number of stories to magazines. They are rejected.


26 years old

Poe wins a contest for "The Manuscript Found in a Bottle".

Because of the contest, Poe finally gets a job.


27 years old

Edgar Poe marries his cousin Virginia in May. She is 13.


29 years old

Poe writes "Ligeia".


30 years old

Poe writes "The Fall of the House of Usher".

"Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque", Poe's first volume of short
stories, is published. He receives no money from the publisher.


32 years old

Poe writes "The Murders in the Rue Morgue".


34 years old

Poe wins a hundred dollar prize for "The Gold Bug".


35 years old

Thousands were deceived by Poe's story, "The Balloon Hoax".

Poe writes "The Purloined Letter".


36 years old

Poe writes "The Raven".

Poe wasn't able to make a living


37 years old

Poe writes "The Philosophy of Composition".

Poe sues another paper for libel and wins. The suit is settled for $225.00.


38 years old

Poe's wife, Virginia, dies from tuberculosis on January 30.


39 years old

Poe writes "The Poetic Principle".


40 years old

July 13 -Poe joins the "Sons of Temperance" in an effort to stop drinking.

Poe lectures on "The Poetic Principle".

Oct 3 - Poe is found half conscious and is taken to a hospital.

Edgar Allan Poe dies on October 7, 1849.

Contributions to change

Poe had a lot of contributions to change. He Introduced the detective series gothic stories and gothic poems. Poe broke the Status Quo. He changed everything. Poe Created his own method to compositions to stories.

Interesting Facts

He wasn't a crazy person the person who wrote his obituary was bias and made Poe look like a syco just because he Wrote about killing people. He also made Poe seem like he was an alcoholic and other terrible things.

Poe was also a rebel child he got Kicked out of university of Virginia because of gambling debts. Which him being a rebel child is understandable because of his difficult childhood.

Edgar Allan Poe Quotes

"We loved with a love that was more than love."

Edgar Allan Poe

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."

Edgar Allan Poe

Mini BIO - Edgar Allan Poe


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