August & September TBO Newsletter

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Quality Control Update

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Change isn't always good!!!!

Airport Greeting Cardigan in Charcoal

Too often we receive restocks of styles with a change of COO, composition or care. Majority of the time it is the composition that seems to change the most upon restocks. Very sadly it seems to be our poor little mod girl who notices the change. Our last restock of the Airport Greeting Cardigan in Charcoal was approximately 2,125 units in total. The composition and care changed from "85% Acrylic, 15% Nylon, dry clean" to "65% Polyester, 35% Rayon, hand wash". After comparing all of the five color ways, the physical material of the charcoal variation didn't seem to change. While sorting through the units we noticed that some of them are correct opposed to others. Appears that the ones that are correct are in a similar polybag that we use here in house. The incorrect units are in a different polybag, these seem to make up majority of the units. We now we have to sort through all 3118 units.

Oh' Miss Patina, Miss Patina!!!!!

Our Miss Patina brand was originally arriving in size runs S/M and M/L. They are now suppose to be arriving in UK sizes. We received multiple styles with UK labels on the poly bags and alpha sizes on the inside tag of the garment. Later finding out that on the opposite side of the size tag is the UK size. This style unfortunately had to be processed.

“I was going to change my clothes, but I changed my mind instead.”

We received 8 styles from Kling /Kalessa Accesorios, SL (combination of both dresses and TBO) with the incorrect interpretation of sizes. They arrived in French sizes instead of the US size run XS through large. For an issue like this, it is impossible to process. We do not carry or represent this size run on our site. It would also cause alot of confusion for our customers and our returns team.


"Women really do rule the world. They just haven't figured it out yet. When they do, and they will, we're all in big big trouble"

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A lot of styles have been coming through our fit queue that are really short in length. These are two styles that were passed and had to be processed. They are now being monitored by our CC rep (Ashley) to see if any complaints or comments come in.

Vendor Relations Update

August - September TBO VP Recap - 93 Total VP’s

3 Biggest Categories:

  • Short Shipments – 34 VP’s
  • Wrong Color/Style – 12 VP’s
  • Compliance - 10 VP's

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Customer Care Update- The Good, The Bad, and the What THE?!

The GOOD! :)

*Praise goes out for the plethora of plus size products available!

Here are some styles our girls would like to see in PLUS if possible!

Myth Congeniality Skirt

Structured Blazers such as the Regularly Radiant Blazer in Plus Size

*To piggy back, our Plus gals love our assortment of tops but wish the arm holes would fit more properly. One customer writes in with feedback:

ZD Ticket 6392: "Hi, I love your website. And for the most part I love your clothes. The one issue I keep running into with your tops is in the arm area...The tops usually always fit however is the arm area they always seem to be a just fit. And in most cases are too tight and unfortunately I must return"

Reoccurring Feedback:

More petite sizing please! -Yes that right, our girl still wants to see this!

Continued selection for plus size pieces including skirts, we love skirts!

Longer lengths for our taller gals!

The BAD :(

*As mentioned change is not always good. One customer in particular had a very negative experience regarding the Airport Greeting Cardigan in Charcoal:

ZD Ticket 610867:

"The representative I spoke to was very kind but my issue still remains unsolved. They still need to investigate why the Airport Greeting Cardigan I received is an inferior product compared to what's described online. The cardigan I received is made of polyester and rayon but it is supposed to be acrylic and nylon. The material felt scratchy and the stitching was a mess. The tag on the cardigan also said Do Not Dry Clean, but the one featured online says Dry Clean Only. I'm supposed to receive an email once they find out what has caused the issue, but I still haven't heard anything. I'm very disappointed with the quality of this product for the money it costs. I hope ModCloth can rectify this. My customer service rep was very apologetic though and kind. I also hope they can express mail a new cardigan to me. I was hoping to take it with me on a trip on Friday."

*Evergreen Issue? Some feedback has been heard regarding the zipper on different variations of the Musee skirts. Zippers are difficult, potential defect?

What The?!

ZD Ticket 6334: General Feedback Regarding Plus Assortment: "Your plus size clothing leaves much to be desired these days. What happened? You were my go to guys for cool clothes, now I kinda feel like I'm at walmart..."