Chinese Mandarin Class

Learn how to speak Chinese today!

What is the Chinese Class about?

  • The Chinese class introduce kids to the influence of a secondary language and a brand new cultural influence that widens their vision in Eastern culture.
  • The Chinese class provide kids with the foundation of basic greetings in Mandarin, the cultural aspect of Chinese education, and the life of style Asian culture.
  • The Chinese class establish an international and worldly view for kids to brainstorm about the cultures beyond America.

Learn to Speak Chinese Today!

Your Child Will Learn

  • Language Basics

Greetings, Please, and Thank you

Hello, Good-Bye, and Name.

  • Numbers, Colors, Name: Ears, Nose, Fingers, Toes
  • Song, Dance and Exercise
  • Games:

Learn to use chopsticks

  • Art:

Origami: Basket, Bird, Box

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About Me

I graduated from University in China in 1994, and then I owned and successfully operated a preschool with over 100 children fro 10 years. Since I moved to the United States and became a U.S. Citizen, I want to teach children by using my knowledge of Chinese language and culture.

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