Is Jackson a Hero?

No, He Is a ZERO.

Learn Why Jackson Was a Zero

Spoil System?

Why would you want somebody who is qualified for the job, when you can get someone off the streets? In Jackson's presidency he used what is called the 'Spoil System'. the 'Spoil System' is basically giving positions to his supporters. If this doesn't make you upset then keep reading.

Trail Of Tears.

When in doubt kick the Natives out. Jackson refused to listen to John Marshell's ruling stating the Natives had the right to stay. Jackson forced them out of their land and put them within miles of their enemy! Made them walk over 1,200 miles. Some even barefoot, in a blizzard. Not to mention disease around them.

Nullification Crisis.

We all know Jackson is an extreme man, but threatening to hang South Carolina's leader and use the military is too far. Jackson added the tariffs and South Carolina threatened to secede from the union. He took away a lot of the South's income. Adding tariffs doesn't really favour the common man now does it?
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King Jackson

This photo portrays Jackson as a king or a tyrant. Here he is holding his veto for the national bank.

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