William Shakespeare

By Richard Gonzalez

Birth and Death

Birth: April 26, 1564

Death: April 23 1616



Where he went to school

He went to school at king's new school.

He got into his school in during his "lost years".

What is his profession/job

His profession was theater he made many plays for example Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and many more.

Major events in Shakespeare's life

Some major event's in his life was earliest known English reference to the Shakespeare name, the plaque closes London theaters in 1593, writer Francis Meres publishes a glowing review of Shakespeare's work.

Major works

His major works are Hamlet, MacBeth, Julius Caesar, and The Tempest are his most major works.

His importance to the renaissance

The Renaissance is defined as a period of time when human expression reached its full potential, and Shakespeare’s body of work was and remains one of the most important expressions of the freedom of thought that came out of that seminal period in human history

What impact/influence did they have on the renaissance

To make poetic forms and stories in classical Greek and Latin as well as in Italian, Spanish and French into expressions of English Renaissance literary triumph was Shakespeare's accomplishment.

Explanation of influence to later figures (if any) did he inspire others

Shakespeare influenced every generation of writers since his death and he continues to have an enormous impact on contemporary plays, movies, and poems.

In your own opinion are they still relevant today

I think he's still relevant today because he's still talked about today.