Daniela Grimaldo Dream Vacation

Barcelona facts

My dream vacation is to go to Barcelona its located in Spain. I want to visit Barcelona because it is looks cool and it has fun places to visit. My destination its great because it looks really fun.

  • Barcelona was ranked the 4th most comfortable city to do business
  • the most crowded street in Spain is Portal Del' Angel every hour 3500 people through the street of Barcelona
  • 10% of the city is parks
  • The official language in Barcelona is Spanish and Catalan
  • All the taxis are black and yellow in Barcelona
  • The famous street Las Ramblas contains 5 different avenus
  • The largest park in Spain is The Montjuic park in Barcelona
  • The largest port of Barcelona is the largest port on the Mediterranean Sea
  • The Sagrada familia is stilling progress after 130 years and isn't finished
  • The Columbus monument was build in 1888 at the world Exposition and was renoveded in 2013 they say its pointing to America but its pointing the oppsite direction


It will take 11 hours and and 1 minute to get to y destination from Houston TX to Barcelona. It is 5259 miles away from Houston TX to Barcelona. I will take like 4 of my friends and one of my cousins.I will get to Barcelona in a plane. I will stay like 2 weeks.


I will stay in a hotel. 162 per day in a Hotel. I will need to pack shorts,jeans, Tshirts, and shoes and some swim suit.


  • flight cost $l27
  • lodging $162
  • spending money $240
  • food $25
  • $127


I will go to water parks and parks and go shopping. There is a lot of things to do you can go to parks and to stores. There is some famous persons are there and some soccer players that like there