Jasmine Wise

Nature of the job

The nature of this job is to provide quality healthcare for infants, children, and adolescents. They monitor you throughout your growth to make sure you develop properly and have the physical and mental growth that are required.


They work in either hospitals or in businesses of their own. In hospitals they go from ICU to other parts dealing with and checking up on children and adolescents.

How do you become a Pediatrician

Pediatricians are required to to graduate with three years of medical school, and a three year residency in pediatrics. They also have to pass rigorous exams given by the American Board of Pediatrics. To continue being a Pediatrician, you must continue meeting educational requirements.


The annual salary for Pediatrician ranges from $140,000 to $202,547.

Job Outlooks

They will continue to be needed as the community and our country grow. They could possibly see a 22% increase from 2008-2018.

Similiar Occupations

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