Texas Revoloution

Battle Of The Alamo

The final seige of the Alamo occoured on March 6, 1836 at 5:00 A.M on A Sunday about 1,800 men surounded the Alamo William b. Travis was one of the first to perish on the north bastion. Among the other well known people who died in battle were congress man David Crokett,entepreneur/adventurer James Bowie, Wiliam B. Travis, and Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna. All of the defenders of the Alamo died in battle

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Battle Of San Jacinto

The Battle Of San Jacinto was the concluding event of the Texas Revoloution. It took place on March 13, 1836. The Revoloutionary army at Gonzales began to retreat eastward.Sam Houston's scouts reported Mexican troops west of their position. Soon they recieved word of James Fannins defeat at Goliad and many troops left to join their family. Sam Houston began to retreat and after a while David G. Burent ordered Houston to stop the retreat. After some time Houston held a council of war and although many opinions were stated he had his own plan. Houston deployed his troops at 3:00 in the after noon while all was quiet after the morning siesta and attacked leaving 630 dead mexicans 720 captured and and later the next day captured Santa Anna. In exchange for his life he signed over all mexican rights to Texas.
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Battle Of Gonzales

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Battle Of Caleto