Instructional Support Newsletter

Willow Lane Elementary School

Important Dates

DRA2 Window Closes - October 30, 2015

Strategic Monitoring - The week of November 9th

Parent Teacher Conferences - Please let Tony, Noelle, Alyssa, or I know if you want us to attend a conference.

Adding Interventions into Performance Plus

  • Please click on the link below for directions
  • Any student that is receiving an intervention by an academic support assistant needs to have their intervention added into performance plus

Technology Corner

Front Row for Education:

  • Great site to be used as a station to individualize instruction based on the student's needs on a specific standard.
  • It also runs great reports to share with parents and for instructional purposes

Thought to Ponder

...involving students in constructing their own meaning and learning is fundamentally pedagogically essential -- they learn more and are motivated to go even further.

Michael Fullan