Dreams Lead to Success

By: Emily O Pd.2

"If you can dream it, you can do it. Remember that this whole thing started with a mouse", said Walt Disney. Walt Disney had a dream of opening an animation business and he did! Walt Disney's success started when he was young and he continued to be successful his whole life with his creativity and imagination.

Walt Disney had an early enjoyment of art so he started taking art classes at the age of 6. As a kid, he would sell his artwork to his friends and families in his neighborhood. Walt especially liked to draw pictures of animals and nature on his Uncle's farm.

When he was 22 years old, Walt Disney began playing with a camera, doing animation, and he decided to open his own animation business in 1923 because he believed he could.

His first success started with Mickey Mouse in the cartoon Steamboat Willie. After Mickey Mouse he created many other characters with the inspiration from his Uncle's farm. With the new characters, he added music, sound, and created Disney shorts. Disney Shorts soon became a worldwide success. All of his accomplishments made him famous in advertising, publishing, and franchised goods. After he made cartoon shorts , he made movies that became very popular. Everyone loved the first movie, Snow White, made in 1937. This achievement led him to produce even more animated films. Walt Disney also had a super popular TV show called, "Walt's Wonderful World of Color,"

After all of Walt Disney's success, he decided to think of something even bigger, that would forever change the way people look at the world. With the inspiration from taking his daughter to a kid amusement park, he dreamed of an amusement park that could be for all ages. Within a couple of years Disney Land was built in California which soon became very popular.

Shortly after Walt built Disney Land, he knew that he should've bought more land. So with that in mind, he started planning an even more fun, bigger park. Walt Disney died before he could see the finished result of Disney World in Florida.

Walt Disney was definitely inspiring, creative, successful, and innovative. He set goals for himself and accomplished them because he believed.

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