Civil Rights Movement

By:Makenna Perrault

Cartoon- The cartoon’s message is that the colored and white people are forced to get along and if they don’t, bad things will happen. The evidence is that it says brothers by bayonet which was a weapon and that means that they are forced to be friends and the text also says that they need to love each other and it's court order.

Picture- The picture's message is that even though people were forced to get along, they still discriminated each other and more people didn't get along even if they were forced to. The evidence is in the picture you see a colored girl walking looking very melancholy while white people yell at her and to the far left you can see a police officer just standing there not doing anything.

The differences between the cartoon and the image is that the cartoon shows that they need to get along and if they don't there will be consequences but the image shows people yelling at the colored girl and the police not doing anything. Another difference is that the cartoon has a very dark and aggressive tone to it while the image has a very melancholy and depressing feeling to it

The similarities are that they both take place at the same time period and they both support the idea for equality because the cartoon says that they need to be friends and the image shows that equality is needed because of all the segregation.