By:Samantha Collins


Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004 , and was also not a founding country of the E.U. Before joining the E.U Lithuania was a part of the Soviet Union and declared its independence in 1918 becoming the first country to break away from the Soviet Union. It's located in Eastern Europe and borders the Baltic Sea.

Flag History

Lithuania's flag is made up of 3 horizontal lines of equal width and length. Yellow stands for bright fields, sunlight , & goodness. Green represents country side forests , nature freedom & hope. Red symbolizes courage , and blood spilled fighting to protect thier home land.

Tourism & City's

Some general tourism activities are 1,477,363 acres of natural regional parks & it's home Nemuans lake. There capital is Vilnius city & a tourism attraction there is a medival old town. Other major city's are Utena, Janava ,Alytus,& Kaunas with tourist attractions in clouding museums, monastery's , castles ,history , lakes , sports & nature.

Geography , Government , & Currency.

Geography: lowlands, many small lakes , & fertile soil.


Currency: currently the euro but was formerly the Lita before transferring on January 2015. One Lita = 0.33 U.S dollars.

Interesting facts

You have to be at least 16 to join the military & you can serve until age 49 both males & females can join. There are no natural hazords in Lithuania. For every ten deaths they have 100,000 births. The name Lithuania was mentioned for the first time in Annals of Quedburg in 1009.