Romeo and Juliet's Death

Who is to blame for the deaths of the two teens?

Friar Laurence guilty or not?!

Friar Laurence is responsible for the death of the two teenagers (Romeo and Juliet). Friar Laurence is to blame for Romeo’s death because he sent a very slow messenger. “Meanwhile, the message that Friar Laurence was supposed to get to Romeo, telling him the details of the plan,...” (Act: V Scene: III ). The text states that Friar Laurence’s message was delayed in some way which could mean that he stopped or maybe he passed him and didn’t know it was him because Friar Laurence didn’t inform him correctly and he should die for his wrongly actions. Friar Laurence is the one who gave the “poison” or the fake death potion to Juliet but not to Romeo so he started the death and should end the death of both of them with his death, for starting the chain of deaths. “Take thou this vial,...” (Act: IV Scene: I ). Friar Laurence gave it to Juliet but he only was going to tell Romeo and hope that the messenger would get there in time.