Egypt Geography....

Did you know...

The Nile River

Did you know that the Nile river is the longest river ever. The Nile river has positive and negative things about it. The positive is that the people use the Nile river for water. The negative is when the Nile river floods it is damaging . These things helped and did not help Egyptians survive.

Here are some animals from the Nile river and some facts...

  • There are crocodiles.
  • There are aggressive hippos in the Nile River and these creatures here are not very friendly...Did you know that these animals in the Nile River kill people.
  • There are elephants that drink from there river.
  • There are humongous fish.
  • There are zebras that also drink from the river.
  • There are turtles.
  • Also there are types of iguanas.
There are many more animals that you can look up on‎.

If you want to look at some of these images look at the bottom.

The Cataracs

The Cataracts are dangerous because when it gets rough in the Nile River its hard to travel and its dangerous. The cataracts are not about the eyes that i'm talking about. I'm talking about steep cliffs and large boulders that make the water move. This make's the water move roughly so it dangerous and hard to cross or travel there. This has a positive side to it because it keeps the enemy from crossing the Nile River.

Jane Cardenas