John Norris

My Presonality

Blue: Personality

The blue personalty is one of sensitivity and kind of a people glue. It wants people to work together and hates to see people in emotional pain and physical pain. But because of their sencitivity Blues are easly insulted and dont let go of grudges easly. But if you are able to bipass the wall of sencitivity and get to the person you gain a very good caring friend that will protect you like a sibling.

Blue Strenghs

Suportive....Helpful....Giving....Wants to get along....Sensitive


The fox is loyal, passionate, creative, sly, manipulative,  and a snob. They like their small group of friends and dosnt like people very much, and the people they do know but arent friends with they end up munipulating. The fox can come off as a know-it-all if their not careful and inslut the peop[le around them. Foxes love to involve their mind with mental challenges and games. They love the finer things in life and throw fits if they dont get them. They are usaly neat and organized.

My Influence

My personalty is very quite one untill you get me in a group of friends where i become suportive. Where i can show off my itellegence. I am very sensitive and care what and how people feel. So if i were in a group i wouldnt want anyone to be left out . i would be suportive and cropramise to avoid conflict.