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Guernsey - Jersey, September - October, 2014

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Carey Olsen

Mourant Ozannes


New Additions to Library


The library catalogue can be accessed from your desktop. From the 'Start' menu click on 'All Programs' and then select 'Heritage Enquiry'.

CC Precedents

The Pink Link now houses all the Guernsey Commercial, Guernsey Property, UK Property, Guernsey and Jersey Wills and Estate precedents. The KM Team are currently working with the Jersey Commercial, Jersey Property, Guernsey DR and Fiduciary teams and Guernsey Employment team.

Please remember that even if your specific department does not have our approved precedents you can use the Pink Link to access generic precedents from our online resources and / or use PLC and PLC Firm Style to get such templates in our house styles.


Please contact any member of the KM Team if you feel that require any training for any of our resources.

CC Pink Link

Don't forget the CC Pink Link which searches over external and internal resources in one convenient search.


Knowledge Management Department

Lisa Upham (Guernsey office)

Anne Kennedy (Guernsey office)

Angela Condron (Jersey office)