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Shapes and Colors

Thank you to everyone who attended our Beginning of the Year Early Childhood Picnic! We had a great turn out and were excited to visit with everyone.
The children had fun continuing to get to know each other during the last couple weeks. We played Musical Chairs where everyone wins. We also played Friend Memory using each child's picture as the playing cards. They all loved seeing their pictures. You will receive in your child's backpack this week pictures of each child in the class. We want your child coming home giving multiple details about school and those details should include the peers in their class.
During the next two weeks we will focus on shapes and colors. We will use the books Dog's Colorful Day and Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes to reinforce these concepts. We would also like the children to bring in a picture of their pet at home. You can e-mail these pictures to me. If your child does not have a pet they can bring in a picture of a pet they would like to have one day.
We will also be collecting supplies for animals at the Hamilton County Humane Society. More information will be coming home in your child's backpack. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Weekly Skills

During the two weeks we will work on a variety of preschool skills. These skills are modified to make sure they are appropriate for the variety of ages we have in our class. Below is a list of some of the skills we will work on during our theme Shapes and Colors.

  • Labeling and matching colors.
  • Labeling and matching shapes.
  • Cooperative Play
  • Classroom Participation
  • Sequencing
  • Following 1-2 step directions
  • Completing all or part of a task.
  • Waiting your turn
  • Demonstrating fine motor skills-correct grasp on writing utensil, cutting along a line, creating letter approximations
  • Commenting and giving details that are on topic
  • Sorting by size, shape and color
  • Print Awareness
  • Following group directions
  • Labeling and Matching the letter B b.

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Home Activities

As we work on a variety of skills during the next two weeks we look for further reinforcement of skills at home. This continued encouragement of concepts will increase understanding and application of those skills. Below are activities to do at home.

  1. Use the attached activities in the e-mail to expand on skills we have worked on throughout the two weeks.
  2. Make a healthy snack with your child and as you do discuss the different shapes and colors you see. You can slice an apple and then use a cookie cutter to punch out shapes. You can also make a fruit kabob using different colored fruit that is also cut into shapes. Be sure to count shapes as you put them on your stick.
  3. Play Shape or Color Twister. You don't necessarily need the Twister game. You could use a blanket with shape and/or color cut outs.
  4. Check out the Shape Song Swingalong on YouTube. We will dance and sing with this song throughout the two weeks.
  5. Make a letter B or b on the floor then Boogey to some music on the letter B b.
  6. Find and cut out pictures of things that start with the Letter B b. We will show these pictures in class and hang them on our Letter Wall.

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  1. Please send in any Lantern Road Leopard Love Donations. Information was on bright yellow cardstock paper sent home a few weeks ago. All donations are greatly appreciated.
  2. Picture Day is Wednesday, 9/25. If your child typically does not attend on Wednesdays please have them come to school this particular Wednesday.