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Brazil: An Overview

~Brazil is located in South America and borders the Atlantic Ocean.

~This country is very hot and humid with more than two times the amount of rainfall as the USA every year.

~The entire country has a tropical climate except for the temperate climate in the south.

~Two beautiful spots in Brazil are the Central Plateau and the Fernando de Noronha.

Understanding Brazil

~The only language in Brazil is Portuguese. It is also the only country in South America that speaks Portuguese.

~There are many norms in Brazil;

*It is normal (and sometimes encouraged) to be interrupted.

*Instead of sliding their eyes away from a stranger, they make brief eye contact.

*In Brazil (strangely) sucking your thumb means that they feel left out.

*Unlike in the USA, 18 is the age at which they can drink and smoke legally.

Understanding Brazil Continued...

~While the USA has understandable taboos, Brazil has taboos that we'd believe are strange;

*They are not allowed to wear clothes that have not been ironed properly.

*It is inappropriate to ask for food to be boxed and saved at a restaurant.

*And last (but certainly the most interesting,) they are not allowed to answer honestly when asked how they like a gift that someone has given them.

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The Brazilian Flag (represented in the above picture) contains 27 white five-pointed stars that stands for each state and the Federal District. The motto "Ordem E Progresso" means Order and Progress.

Brazilian Values

~The Brazilians have values that are similar to our own;

*They must bring a gift for the hostess if whichever party/ gathering they attend.

*Unlike many Americans, the Brazilians must be early for events or dinners.

*Instead of the usual smile, nod, or hug, women from Brazil kiss each other on each cheek once in greeting or departure.

Getting Deeper

While there are many subcultures of Brazil, two of the main ones are the Brazilian Youth Funk Photography who have been around since the 90s and include the poorer areas of Rio de Janeiro, and the "Queers" who identify as the 'not-straight' people. In the USA, the word "Queer" is rude and inappropriate to use, while in Brazil, they prefer to be called that.
A cultural landscape in the Brazilian culture is the Christ the Redeemer Church in Rio de Janeiro. It is an important symbol to the city and many artists have gotten their inspiration from the statue overlooking the city.
Spanish is the most dominating language of South America, so you'd expect the largest South American country to speak it, right? Wrong. Brazil's first and only language is Portuguese. This is the case due to the fact that in 1500, 12 merchant ships accidentally landed on the terrain that is now called Brazil. Back then, nations that "conquered" another land where the primary mother countries. So, just like Canada speaking French, Brazil speaks Portuguese because it is derived from Portugal.
In the 1990s, Brazil was adamant about free things. Instead of charging a meaningless price on a priceless object, it would be free. Now, due to the economy steadily declining, most of that "free" stuff has been price-tagged. Almost everything is sold for a profit.

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