Housing in Singapore


Singapore's housing in the past

Interview questions and responses

1)what is the specialty in Tiong Bahru?


- childhood memories
-multi-racial and dialects


2)Why did you choose to live in TB?

-Playground is big

-central area

-understanding residents

-payback to older generation

3) What is one thing you enjoy in TB that no where else in Singapore has?


-Seafood there s fresher

- Good neighbours

-More people coming here

4) What is TB known for?


-Lesser gang clash

-More well-educated people and richer

-Market and food

-Nearer to it areas



-Nearer to bank

5)How long have you been living here?



-20 over yrs

-8 yrs

GI group research on TB

field Sketches of the Tiong Bahru estate

Housing in the present

upload photos of seng kang neighbourhood

describe how inclusive it is

Housing in the future

group drawing of future inclusive neighbourhood